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Sam Silverman is a content strategy editor at Entrepreneur Media. She specializes in search engine optimization (SEO), and her work can be found in The US Sun, Nicki Swift, In Touch Weekly, Life & Style and Health. Her coverage spans from business and tech to entertainment news. Sam is a graduate of Lehigh University and currently resides in NYC. 


Business News

Ice Cube Slams 'Demonic' AI Technology, Says It Has No Place in Music

The rapper said that the rise of AI in music could lead to "backlash," lawsuits, and a push for authentic voices.

Business News

Mike Rowe Says the Dirtiest Jobs Are Safe From the AI Revolution: 'I Haven't Seen Any Plumbing Robots'

The "Dirty Jobs" host predicts that "prosperity" may come to those who work with their hands as AI comes for desk jobs.

Business News

Elizabeth Holmes Is Jailhouse Bound After Failed Final Bid to Avoid Prison

The former Theranos CEO is set to serve 11 years in prison after she was convicted on multiple charges of defrauding investors.


200 წლის განმავლობაში დამალულ რემბრანდტის ნახატებს აუქციონზე აგზავნიან

აი, სავარაუდოდ, რამდენად გაიყიდება ისინი

Business News

Minnesota Man Charged in 2005 Theft of Judy Garland's Iconic 'Wizard of Oz' Ruby Slippers, Shoes Now Worth 250% More

The ruby slippers were first found during an FBI sting operation in 2018.


Tom Hanks dice que la inteligencia artificial tiene el poder de mantener viva su presencia mucho después de su muerte: "Mis actuaciones pueden seguir y seguir y seguir"

Según el actor crear una versión de IA de sí mismo no sería difícil gracias a su trabajo para la película animada de 2004, "El Expreso Polar".

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